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A partnership of the possible

11.10.2017.  READ MORE

Russia’s influence and presence in Estonia

This report outlines the main aspects of Russia's approach towards Estonia.

20.06.2017.  READ MORE

Russia’s influence in Latvia

This report outlines the main aspects of Russia's approach towards Latvia.

20.06.2017.  READ MORE

Russia’s Influence and Presence in Lithuania

This report outlines the main aspects of Russia's approach towards Lithuania.

20.06.2017.  READ MORE

European House of Cards

This second New Direction magazine on the Eurozone aims to show that the signle currency turned out to be a destabilising force for both the European and global economies.

15.05.2017.  READ MORE

French 2017 Presidential Elections

This timely report aims to analyse the impact that different candidates in th French 2017 presidential elections may have on European and international politics.

27.03.2017.  READ MORE


In this In-depth report, three authors are explaining how the EU and Britain can both benefiting from an amicable break, bringing mutual benefit to the economies and livelihoods of UK and EU citizens.

10.03.2017.  READ MORE


New Direction invites Polish readers to read the Polish translation of 'The Local Impact of EU Law, Who's Keeping Score?'. In the paper, Richard Torr, an expert on performance measurement, will present the data behind the Subsidiarity Scoreboard, a tool aimed at measuring the impact of EU law at a local level.

11.07.2016.  READ MORE

The Local Impact of the EU Law, Who’s Keeping Score?

In the paper, Richard Torr, an expert on performance measurement, will present the data behind the Subsidiarity Scoreboard, a tool aimed at measuring the impact of EU law at a local level.

11.07.2016.  READ MORE

Strengthening Eastern Europe’s flank – Prospects for the NATO Warsaw Summit

Ahead of the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw, the Summer New Direction Magazine explores solutions to strengthen Eastern Europe's Flank

16.06.2016.  READ MORE

TTIP - Policy Briefing

A policy briefing by New Direction, the Foundation for European Reform, which discusses impact of the TTIP on european economy, especially on SME's and consumers.

15.06.2016.  READ MORE


A report by New Direction, the Foundation for European Reform, recommends that the Croatian Fishing industry follow the Scottish model of governance and development. The report was launched by Scottish Conservative MEP, Ian Duncan.

27.05.2016.  READ MORE

Next Generation Telecom Policy and the Digital Single Market

Roslyn Layton Phd discusses the role of Telecom and Digital Single Market to stimulate economic growth and to make the everyday life of European businesses and consumers easier.

27.04.2016.  READ MORE

Boosting EU Trade with South East Asia

In this strategically important report, leading expert Dr Matthias Bauer casts a spotlight onto the ASEAN region.

15.03.2016.  READ MORE

Russia’s Influence in Bulgaria

This report outlines the main aspects of Russia's approach towards Bulgaria.

24.02.2016.  READ MORE

The UK Market from EU Eyes

Trade Report examines both sides of relationship between the UK and Europe

16.02.2016.  READ MORE

Paper Tiger? EU Trade enforcement as if binding pacts mattered

In our latest report Prof. Dr. Simon Evenett investigates how EU trade enforcement has evolved over time, assesses the current state of play, and makes clear recommendations for the future.

26.01.2016.  READ MORE

Here, There and Everywhere

The winter edition of the New Direction Magazine raises the problem of the misinterpretation of a key principle of subsidiarity.

25.01.2016.  READ MORE


New Direction's flagship magazine. In the first edition New Direction has invited leading economists and public intellectuals from a wide range of economic and political schools of thought—though all critical of the euro—to contribute essays assessing the eurozone crisis.

10.11.2015.  READ MORE

Ending Excess 2: The Extravagance Continues!

One of the many aspects of the EU that needs reform is the cost.

20.10.2015.  READ MORE

Costs and Benefits of Eurozone Breakup.

New Direction has the pleasure to present a paper 'Costs and Benefits of Eurozone Breakup. The role of contract redenomination and balance sheet effects in policy analysis' written by Jens Nordvig.

02.07.2015.  READ MORE

The Privatisation Goldmine

Europe 'missing big opportunity' from privatisation

24.06.2015.  READ MORE

EU Policy towards Russia

This discussion paper explores EU policy towards Russia.

20.12.2014.  READ MORE

The Economic Consequences of Slovakia’s Eurozone Membership

This discussion paper explores the state of the Eurozone at 15 and its economic impact on Slovakia.

15.12.2014.  READ MORE

Friedrich Hayek’s Philosophy of Knowledge

This discussion paper introduces Friedrich Hayek's philosophy of knowledge.

07.12.2014.  READ MORE

EU Energy Taxation & the Dutch Natural Gas Tax

The US shale boom has created a large natural gas price disparity that is hurting Dutch manufacturing competitiveness and industrial production.

05.12.2014.  READ MORE

The Benefits of the Single Market & Free Trade in Europe

This discussion paper offers a theoritical and practical exposition on the benefits of the single market and free trade in Europe.

07.11.2014.  READ MORE

Risk in an Anxious Society

This discussion paper is an analysis of the issues arising in Europe around perceived risks in the media and public discourse leading to unwarranted legislative controls.

03.11.2014.  READ MORE

EU Institutional Inconsistency

The author of the analysis indicates that political power in the European Union is primarily non-consolidated, faulty and lacking both horizontal and vertical coherence.

02.11.2014.  READ MORE

The Impact of the EU Common Agricultural Policy on Hungarian Agriculture

This discussion paper shows how recent laws determining who can own land and lead agricultural activities have turned Hungary into a crony state.

20.10.2014.  READ MORE

Private Sector Experience of Governments in Europe

This discussion paper is an original critical comparative analysis of the private sector experience of European governments.

19.10.2014.  READ MORE

European School Systems - A Dutch / French Comparative Analysis

This discussion paper is an original critical comparative analysis of school systems in The Netherlands and in France.

18.10.2014.  READ MORE

Civil Service Statutes in Europe

This discussion paper is an original critical comparative analysis of civil servants statutes in 15 OECD countries.

17.10.2014.  READ MORE

Slovakia 10 Years After EU Accession

Great publicity is given especially to Standard Eurobarometer, which is undertaken twice a year with a National Reports in national languages. However, most of the analysis focus on the current state of the public opinion and usually comparison with the previous survey, which is in the case of Standard Eurobarometer half year old. This report focuses on a few fundamental questions asked in the Standard Eurobarometer survey.

16.10.2014.  READ MORE

Financing Health Care Systems in Europe

Access, quality, and cost are essential components of a health care system. These three umbrella categories are collectively referred to as the three-legged stool of health care, because any changes in one area will inevitably affect the others.

15.10.2014.  READ MORE

Scotland’s Performance since Devolution in a European Context

It is now fifteen years ago that major legislative powers were devolved to the Scottish Parliament and its executive, now called the Scottish Government.

03.10.2014.  READ MORE

Pros and Cons of a Common European Tax Base on Corporate Profits

La Commission européenne souhaite uniformiser les bases d’assujettissement des sociétés à l’impôt sur les bénéfices dans tous les pays de l’Union. Son projet, dénommé ACCIS, se présente comme une option offerte aux sociétés qui pourraient par ailleurs conserver le régime propre à leur pays d’implantation. Après un rappel du contexte historique dans lequel l’impôt sur les sociétés a été institué, la présente note analyse les avantages et les inconvénients qu’offrirait l’ACCIS.

02.10.2014.  READ MORE

The Financial Relationships between Regional and National Governments in Europe

A study on the financial relationship between national and regional government in Europe, with recommendations for best practice, using Austria as an example.

20.09.2014.  READ MORE

The Effects of Negative Interest Rates on European Economies

Negative interest rates here, there, everywhere. What used to be taught as "impossible" in textbook is now a reality throughout the EU. And for the first time it even affects corporate bonds, not just "safe" sovereign ones. Why would anyone lend more than they receive, when they can just hang on to cash? We explain.

03.09.2014.  READ MORE

The Economic Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Takeovers

The report highlighted that on average, productivity and profitability tends to increase with a take-over and in some cases in addition to the acquisition itself, new businesses are established.

30.08.2014.  READ MORE

Energy policy and price controls in Europe

This discussion paper looks at what consequences Hungarian price regulation changes could have.

26.08.2014.  READ MORE

Euroscepticism in Hungary

This discussion paper examines three aspects of euroscepticism in Hungary.

16.07.2014.  READ MORE

Taxation on fossil fuels in Europe

This discussion paper in an original critical analysis on how fossil fuels are taxed more and less subsidized than renewable energies.

15.07.2014.  READ MORE

Banque de France VS Bundesbank

This discussion paper offers ways for the Banque de France to learn from the best practices of its European partners.

15.07.2014.  READ MORE

Europe’s shadow economies

the fight against the informal economy and offers an overview of the methods involved and their evaluation.

08.07.2014.  READ MORE

How the EU can benefit from the American shale gas revolution

This paper argues that the EU can mitigate, and even benefit from the US shale revolution by making greater US natural gas exports a provision in the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) negotiations.

08.07.2014.  READ MORE

External project management as a form of funneling EU funds

This discussion paper has been elaborated to investigate suspicion of the misuse of EU funds, in projects where the Slovak local government authorities are final beneficiaries.

08.07.2014.  READ MORE

How European welfare States pose societal risk

When households lack a buffer of liquid assets in times of crisis, the worst-case scenario is a serious disturbance of societal peace and a large amount of human suffering.

08.07.2014.  READ MORE

Central European countries’ influence on EU policies

The paper analyses a capacity of the Central European member states of the EU to become active players in the current developments allegedly leading to a new shape of the European integration and EU’s foreign policy.

04.07.2014.  READ MORE

The Single Currency: Towards a Federal Europe?

Do the political union, banking union and fiscal union represent solutions that promote democracy, economic efficiency and the general welfare and security of the citizens?

15.05.2014.  READ MORE

The Shale Influencing Strategy

The European Union is facing an increasingly risky dependence on foreign gas imports, and rising natural gas prices.

07.05.2014.  READ MORE

The Tax Burden of Typical Workers in the EU28

At what point in the year does a typical taxpayer keep his earnings and stop paying the state – his ‘tax liberation day’?

06.05.2014.  READ MORE

The truth about inequalities in Europe

This discussion paper in an original critical analysis of the latest statistical works of the economist Thomas Piketty.

10.04.2014.  READ MORE

Income distribution and taxation in Europe

Gini-coefficient can be the same in different countries, even if the distribution of income in those countries is very different from one another

10.04.2014.  READ MORE

Subsidy overkill: Flanders as a European case study

The European Commission provides direct financial contributions by way of grants in support of projects or organisations which further the interests of the EU or contribute to the implementation of an EU programme or policy

07.04.2014.  READ MORE

Carpathian Region: Time for an EU Macro-Regional Strategy

The report highlighted the urgent need for cross border investment in infrastructure, environmental protection and economic development.

02.04.2014.  READ MORE

Immigration: causes, concerns, consequences

Migration is largely driven by wage differentials, in addition to cultural and linguistic ties between nations.

30.03.2014.  READ MORE

The benefits of research and innovation

This study promoted a deeper understanding of the role of research and innovation plays in the development of medical treatment.

28.03.2014.  READ MORE

Old-age state social insurance in Europe: may its failure be averted?

Old-age social insurance in the European Union is facing negative long-term demographic trends, as chronically unbalanced state social insurance fund budgets put the system’s existence at risk.

27.03.2014.  READ MORE

State-owned patent trolls in Europe

This New Direction Discussion Paper presents an analysis of France Brevets, including a discussion on its legality and its likely impact in Europe.

28.02.2014.  READ MORE

Three EU-related impacts of Scotland leaving the UK

Scotland’s place in Europe, in the event of a Yes vote in the Independence Referendum,was a matter of fierce debate throughout 2014.

31.01.2014.  READ MORE

The opportunity for flat taxes in Europe

This New Direction Discussion Paper presents an applied analysis of the opportunity for flat taxes in Europe using The Netherlands as a case study.

29.01.2014.  READ MORE

What would Margaret Thatcher be doing about Europe?

This paper provides a clear analysis of the faults and potential of the European Union, with a reasoned discussion of where Britain’s European interests lie and what is the best approach for the EU.

21.11.2013.  READ MORE

Patient Power: Lesson from the best healthcare systems in Europe

What makes a good health service?

01.11.2013.  READ MORE

Helping Themselves: Six ways to reform EU funding of NGO’s

The report makes six recommendations for reforming EU spending on NGO’s

24.09.2013.  READ MORE

Open Atlantic: A Global Future for the US-EU Trade & Investment Partnership.

Atlantic trade deal 'must stay open to all'

01.09.2013.  READ MORE

The Tax Burden of Typical Workers in the EU27

Taxes are still rising, and both businesses and workers are paying too much, so it’s no surprise economies across the EU are still in the doldrums.

01.05.2013.  READ MORE

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